English Attack!

Learn English with videos and visuals

PROS: English Attack! offers fun, addictive English lessons that build your vocabulary and provide valuable listening and reading practice. If you want to improve your ability to read and listen to English, there’s hardly a better app. You can take a free trial, but the app requires a monthly subscription.

CONS: As with most apps, English Attack! doesn’t help you practice speaking! From an pedagogical standpoint, there are a lot of problems—the vocabulary definitions are too hard, advanced vocabulary is too easy. Some games crash or don’t work at all.


Culture Alley


Learn a language while browsing Facebook

With recent funding from 500 Startups, Culture Alley‘s come a long way from English for Indian Houswives.

PROS:  Culture Alley takes vocabulary words directly from your Facebook page, and incorporates them into language learning games. You’ll learn words you use on a daily basis.

CONS: You can’t use it unless you have Facebook. So, if  you’ve closed your Facebook account, this isn’t the language learning tool doesn’t work for you.

Currently offered in Spanish, Chinese Portuguese and English.