Write texts in your target language and get corrections from native speakers!

On Talkalang, you can find language partners, receive text corrections in the language you are learning and correct texts in your native language.

PROS: There’s already a global user base with  members from Costa Rica, France, Italy, Belgium, the United States and England.

CONS: Unfortunately for Talkalang, the Lang-8 language network has them beat. It’s much easier to find friends and get corrections on the long-established language learning network, Lang-8.




Quick edits to your English text via text message

Need an English text corrected immediately? Send your text to Chatting Cat!

PROS: The average wait time for text correction is 5 minutes or less. You can submit everything from papers to resumes to business emails for screening by native English speakers in the USA or UK.  Chatting Cat is a good alternative to Lang-8 which is free, but can take a few hours.

CONS: Chatting Cat does little to vet its tutors who rake in $1.00 for 300 words or so of text, while students pay about double that for text edits.



Texts corrected by native speakers in hours

Write texts in the language your learning and receive corrections from native speakers.

PROS: For language learners who need help writing in another language, you’d be hard-pressed to find a site better than Lang-8. Native speakers usually correct your texts in a matter of hours. Though sites like italki offer social language learning with similar features, Lang-8 wins with both quality and quantity of native speakers in many languages.

CONS: Despite being around for so many years, it’s still pretty glitchy! Sometimes corrections aren’t saved.