Improve your English vocabulary with memes and quizzes

PROS: From TOEFL practice to phrasal verbs, Memrise offers a variety of courses with flashcards. Take courses created by other members or create your own course. Memrise has a scientific algorithm that interrupts your study flow and quizzes you on words and definitions. You can choose a picture (meme) or add your own to help you remember vocabulary. Memrise is free, but a paid account offers more activities.

CONS: Memrise doesn’t help much with other skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening). Vocabulary is about all you will learn from Memrise.


IdiomLand 2.0


Over 1,000 English idiom flashcards for your smartphone!

IdiomLand has just released version 2.0 after launching months ago as an idiom game.

PROS: In its current iteration, IdiomLand offers 1,000+ fun, engaging and retro-designed idiom vocabulary cards and examples. Unlike most idiom lists you find on the web, Idiom Land only includes idioms that native speakers actually use. If you’re in doubt, just browse through the video cards where you’ll see these very idioms used in some of the most popular films made in the English language.

CONS: It’s only a supplemental tool and won’t help you develop fluency in English.

Idiom Land

Idiom Land

Learn English idioms through story-based play

IdiomLand meets a need for ESL learners that most language learning tools leave out: idioms!

PROS: The game’s design and features are a lot of fun. Lesson’s are thorough with quizzes at the end to ensure you remember the idioms.

CONS: The idioms used in the game are likely ones you’ve already heard before. And if you want to learn fast, this story-based game isn’t the quickest.

Note: As of 2015, The IdiomLand Game is out in favor of their flashcards.