Full-suite language courses + social learning

Busuu offers lessons that focus on speaking, writing, reading and listening skills and the opportunity to meet language partners.

PROS: Users can share exercises  with the community to receive feedback from native speakers. Targeted courses include business skills, travel skills and pronunciation practice. You can take level tests and earn certificates.

CONS: You’ll have to purchase the activities without trying them first.  Sometimes the language used in the activities is unnatural. The certification tests are too easy and not a good measure of ability.

Disclaimer: I received a free premium 6 month membership to Busuu


7 thoughts on “busuu

  1. Count me too in the long list of unhappy clients,cannot access my paid (allegedly Premium) courses since November the 6th 2014,and no refund from the company if there is one,in fact all I get is silence.I tried Babbel for 2 months and it´s working fine,also the cancellation button is visible and working not like busuu that is charging for a lifetime,no cancellation button unless one cancels via PayPal and has no contact options besides sending a traditional letter.It’s beyond comprehension why they are driving away their clients.Also I tried Duolingo which has a good and functioning platform ,similar to Memrise,with about 60 lessons for the basics, free of charge but not many languages


    • Ahh sorry about Busuu :(. Have you tried tweeting them? You are right about Duolingo. What languages are you learning? One platform I’m interested to see develop is lingvist.io Their platform has some algorithm that guarantees you’ll learn in 200 hours of study. Personally, I find their exercises quite boring, but if I was 100% sure it worked I might give it a try. Currently you can only learn French, but they are planning for more languages.

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      • Thank you,but the ones feeling sorry should be the busuu staff and owners. I even emailed busuu support team a video screenshot that shows their malfunctioning platform,so that I am more specific on the problem and they ignored it.Infuriating. Right now I am learning Swedish and Irish on Duolingo and continuing my Portuguese lessons that were so brutally interrupted on busuu 😦 I was looking desperately for courses to continue my lessons on Zulu but found nothing.Maybe I am looking in the wrong places,I don’t know. I haven’t tried lingvist,thanks for the tip,I will check it out:)


  2. I am learning Swedish too! Lingvist plans to add that language so keep it on your radar. LiveMocha is not the best platform for learning but they have a HUGE Brazilian population so it could be useful to make some native friends for feedback in Portuguese. I also came across a book at an old bookstore by Charles Berlitz that teaches the 25 most important words in several different languages. There’s chapters on Swedish and Portuguese, not sure about Irish….Not sure if you’re into learning by the book, but here it is if interested: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2067659.Passport_to_the_World

    happy language learning 🙂

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