Quick, addictive language-learning

Duolingo promises to be “free forever” and teaches language through a series of reading, translating, speaking and listening activities that involve repeating,translating, dragging and dropping, selecting a picture to match or writing words.

PROS: Using Duolingo everyday, you’ll surely learn new vocabulary and develop some functionality in the language.  Users can also translate texts and post questions to the community messaging area. Duolingo remains the most engaging language learning tool on the market.

CONS: Fluency? Pas du tout (no!). And forget about speaking skills.


One thought on “Duolingo

  1. I think that if one is serious about learning a language,Duolingo is great for the basics. Its lessons are fast,short and free of charge,at least for now,they include traces of grammar so in combination with other online tools,or a good grammar book,one can seriously start learning .The only annoying thing on Duolingo is the digital voice in the courses.The moderators are active,posting helpful links of side material on the discussion section and generally,gives a good,friendly impression to the new user


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