Online language courses for the web and smartphones

Babbel offers courses that focus on building vocabulary, listening and speaking skills.

PROS: In addition to taking courses on Babbel, users can take advantage of the social network component to message other learners, post help requests and even make travel connections. The site offers an introductory five-lesson course for free.

CONS: You’ll have to pay their monthly fee of $12.95 (as of 11/14) or less for a pre-paid monthly or annual subscription.  Babbel courses are boring simple and reminiscent of Rosetta Stone. The speaking component is picky and does not accurately assess spoken language.


3 thoughts on “Babbel

  1. Babbel provides a trial period ,the recordings don’t get stuck every now and then,nobody needs to clear their IT cache and history in order to have their courses as happens with the busuu platform,its cancellation button is working fine and instantly as in all self respecting online services and currently has a price offer but,I agree that the lessons and the tests are boring,I thought it was just me 🙂


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